Week 6: Google Docs


Another Expensive and addictive Web 2.0 Application.

I love the option to click on the links on the right and either buy the book or find libraries that stocked it.  It was fabulous to see Australian booksellers in the list.  Unfortunately the book I wanted wasn’t available here so it was off to Amazon again.

Week 6: Google Doc

Year Five Work Program

Year Five Work Program


Google Docs looks fantastic.  I’ve created my term two, year five work program and invited Donna, who I team teach with, to become a collaborator.  This could work really well for us as unintentially creating multiple copies, and accessing our work from home has all been an issue for us.

This tool also has lots of potential for classroom application.  Maybe we could even give it a go this term.  In fact I think I’ll log straight back into google docs and add it in.

Week 5: Get Social

Photos in Facebook

Photos in Facebook

As the mother of two teenagers I’m already fairly familiar with myspace and facebook. Their fantastic for keeping up with your kids particularly when they’re travelling. I think it’s the photos that I really like.

As a primary school library I’m not sure what role they have for us. Our kids aren’t meant to be on them anyway.

Week 4: RSS feeds

This is the first task that hasn’t really grabbed me. I decided to subscribe to my own blog, one by a presenter I like and Bright Ideas (SLAV) as my library blog. Instantly I had 21 unread posts. What a disaster. I already have mountains of unread email to deal with. I guess if I refined my list to just people I was really interested in it might become more useful. On a more positive note I did like the way it aggregated all the posts so I didn’t have to swish about the net looking for my information.