Week 6: Google Doc

Year Five Work Program

Year Five Work Program


Google Docs looks fantastic.  I’ve created my term two, year five work program and invited Donna, who I team teach with, to become a collaborator.  This could work really well for us as unintentially creating multiple copies, and accessing our work from home has all been an issue for us.

This tool also has lots of potential for classroom application.  Maybe we could even give it a go this term.  In fact I think I’ll log straight back into google docs and add it in.

One thought on “Week 6: Google Doc

  1. This tool didn’t work as well as I imagined. DOnna and I sat down to finish our term two planning last Friday. I assured Donna that I had begun work on our work program. Unfortunately I forgot I had published it to Google doca and instead spent thirty minutes searching my laptop before starting again!!

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