Week 8: Library 2.0 (A little out of order)

In week four I explored Library THing.  Based on the books I logged it suggested I might like to read, “Under the banner of Heaven.”  I tried buying it from Dymocks but it was unavailable.  In despiration I looked it up in my local libraries on line catalogue.  Yes it was available but not from my local branch.  Nevertheless I was able to request it.  I put in my preferred dates and then dropped in at the library.  There it was, waiting on a special section of the shelves, filed under my surname.  I guess this is not really Library 2.0 as it was still a one way transaction.  I didn’t provide any feedback for other library patrons.  I was however very impressed with what I could acheive form home on a Saturday night.

I would have given the book five stars by the way.

It would be great if my library was able to suggest books I might enjoy based on my previous borrowings.

Week 12: Audio books

I visited http://worldebookfair.org/ but was unable to navigate my way to downloading the children’s books I was after.

Next I visited Baen Library http://www.baen.com/library/ This was a little more successful. I downloaded a Mercedes Lackey Novel, “Beyond World’s End” Since I’m meant to be exploring audiobooks I downloaded Microsoft Reader. What a nightmare. The little electronic voice was very irritating. I think I’ll just read the book on the screen instead.

My next goal is to download a commercially produced eBook onto my iPod.

Week Eleven: Second Life

It was interesting to hear that a teen (13 – 17yo) version of Second Life is available. tThe age limit automatically means it is not suitable for primary students. So far I’m not sold on it.

Below is one of the recommended videos – An Introduction to second life by Jokay Wollongong.
I wonder if an embedded Youtube video will pass the filters at school?

Week Nine: Rollyo


Here is my Dinosaur Rollyo.  This tool could be used as a great alternative/addition to hotlists.  It might work particularly well with our current Antarctica unit where the websites contain stacks of links and pages and the students are not always diligent about searching through them.


Week 10: Podcasts and Videos

Now this is something we are really into.

Goto:  www.teachertube.com

Search for Oatlands Antarctica and you can see our work from last year. 

My tip for teachers is always to add both your school name and your umbrella topic as tags.  Students can also use the name of their specific topic.  That way it is very quick to locate your own students work.

We used data grids to collect our information and then photostory to make our animations.  We did the activity with years five and six.  Some needed support but they all got there in the end.

Vodcasting (Video podcasting) is a fabulous forum for student publishing.

ps:  this year we are including our references.

Week 8: Delicious


This term I have given away hotlists and am using a Tag Cloud instead. The year five and six students seem a little bewildered. I think it is going to be fabulous. The kids will be easily able to access the websites from both school and home.

My Personal Tags (Strangely this is not actually showing all of my tags!)

My School Tags (These are the ones I am sharing with the students)

Week 7: iGoogle



I had already used iGoogle while my daughter was overseas.  She created an iGoogle photos widget that I added to my iGoogle page.  She uploaded photos to her widget and I saw a different one each time I logged on.  Unfortunately she wasn’t very diligent about regularly changing her photos.

I have added a number of cool widgets to my iGoogle page.  It’s the perfect place to put togther some of my new web2 tools/toys.

I have included:

  • Google Reader
  • ABC News: Top Stories
  • Facebook
  • Date and Time
  • New York (My daughter’s photo widget)
  • Google Docs
  • Weather
  • Google Map Search