Week 8: Library 2.0 (A little out of order)

In week four I explored Library THing.  Based on the books I logged it suggested I might like to read, “Under the banner of Heaven.”  I tried buying it from Dymocks but it was unavailable.  In despiration I looked it up in my local libraries on line catalogue.  Yes it was available but not from my local branch.  Nevertheless I was able to request it.  I put in my preferred dates and then dropped in at the library.  There it was, waiting on a special section of the shelves, filed under my surname.  I guess this is not really Library 2.0 as it was still a one way transaction.  I didn’t provide any feedback for other library patrons.  I was however very impressed with what I could acheive form home on a Saturday night.

I would have given the book five stars by the way.

It would be great if my library was able to suggest books I might enjoy based on my previous borrowings.

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