Playing Lemonade Stand in Pairs

Do you remember this game?

It is now available as an  iPhone App. You can play either the original or the updated version. I was playing it with my year five and six classes during planning week. I offered a Mars Bar as a prize for the person, or team, who made the most money in 30 days.  We had only a limited number of iPads available so some students worked by themselves whilst others played in pairs. In class after class the pairs won.  I think, in these days of 1:1 learning, it’s very easy to forget how much more effectively some children learn when working with others.

Attending a Conference Without Getting Up!

On Thursday morning I woke up, plugged my headset into my laptop, started Elluminate  and attended “Learning at the Speed of Need”  Jenny Ashby’s presentation at Mobile2011.  This style of conference attendance lacked a little of the atmosphere and networking that you usually get, but given that I was still comfortably at home in bed (in Australia) and most of the delegates were in Pheonix Arizona, I think the tradeoff was worth it. Jenny was presenting from her home in Bendigo.

I was impressed by the number of opportunities for non delegates to participate in  Mobile2011. As well joining Elluminate sessions you could follow the tweets at #mobile2011 or read the participants blog posts at

Learning at the Speed of Need

As always, Jenny’s presentation was excellent and full of excellent ideas for using mobile devices in your classroom.

Learning at the Speed of Need Screenshot

The recording of Jenny’s session is available at

More information is available on her iPod Blog

Jenny also records a regular podcast, RUConnected, with Lois Smethurst

Mobile Devices and Music

Another Australian Session, which I was, unfortunately, unable to attend, was “Mobile Devices and Music” by Megan Iemma.

Luckily you can watch the Elluminate Recording at

Megan has also listed the Apps from her session on her blog.

Mobile Devices and Music Screenshot