Passport to Adventure 1

Ultimate Book of Foul and Funny Facts

Passport to Adventure

000 – 099

General Works – Where can we find out about Ourselves?

Reference Books, Dictionaries, Magazines

Today’s Activities

  1. Look through the books in the General Information Section.
  2. Compare the newer  Guiness Book of Records to the older versions
  3. Type and Illustrate a foul or funny fact from “Ultimate Book of Foul and Funny Facts”
  4. (At Home Activity:  Attempt our own record Minty Wrapper – add comment to Blog at home)

Passion Projects – Activity One

 This week we will be beginning our passion projects.

This will give us an opportunity to demonstrate how well we can use the Information Literacy Process.

This week you will need to:

  • Set up your hard cover project folder
  • Set up your online project folder


What is the problem you wish to solve?

  • Select your topic (This needs to be new. You can work on a topic you already know lots about but you have to choose a new aspect or issue)
  • Create a concept map showing what you already know about your topic
  • Develop your focus questions
  • Identify your keywords
  • Prepare your research plan
  • Create your data grid

Sample Concept Map (Kidspiration)

 Har0003 Antarctia

Sample Data Grid (Word)

data grid screen shot

pet0051 adelie penguin

Will Richardson

This video explains very clearly why we need to be teaching Information Literacy.

Our students are already deciding what it is they want to learn and using the Internet to find the resources and develop the networks to follow their passions.

As teachers we need to accept that our students have 24/7 access to the Internet via their phones and iPod Touches. It is time to reassess our role as teachers and ensure that we are helping our students develop the skills they need to be effective life long learners.