iPads in Prep – Headsets

We have been experimenting with three different options for using headsets with our iPads.

  1. Belkin Rockstar Headphone Spitter (5 in 1)
  2. Headphone splitter (2 in 1)
  3. Standard Headsets.

Surprisingly everything worked well except the for the standard headsets.

Preps with Belkin StarBelkin Rock Star

The Belkin Rockstar lets up to five children plug in their headsets and listen to an animated story at once. You can buy one for $19.64 at Officeworks.

Preps with audio splitterHeadphone Splitter

WIth a double headphone splitter, two students can listen to and use the iPad at once.

Prep with headset

The standard headsets were an absolute disaster. Whilst the students were sitting everything was fine but as soon as they started walking around they risked tripping on the very long cables and dropping the iPads.