2D Fun Photos

“We learnt how to use the digital cameras today… Some of the things we learnt were:

We must always have the wrist strap around our wrist so we don’t drop the camera.

We learnt how to take clear pictures by holding down the shutter button halfway first until you get the green square and then pushing it all the way down to take the picture.

We even got to use the zoom button. It can get very close!

It was AMAZING and we had lots of fun. Some of the photos the grade 2’s took can be found on the Fun Photos – Photo Gallery!– Year 2D

Photos and Video on the iPad

“We had a great time today using the camera app to take photos and record videos.  We took  pictures of our partners and of ourselves then viewed them in the photos app.  Once we were confident with using the camera we progressed onto the video.  When our partner was ready we touched the record button to film them telling a joke.  We knew it was recording because the red light was flashing.  When we had finished recording we viewed our videos in the photos app, they were very funny.” – Year One

Taking Photos and Recording Video

Camera App

  • Take some photos of you and your partner
  • Make a video of you and your partner telling some jokes.

Photos App

Click here to watch the introduction to the photos app.

  • Watch the Video about the Photos App
  • Visit the Photos App
  • Flick through the photos you have taken
  • Watch the movies you have made


Getting Started with iGoogle

Today we are going to start working with our new email addresses.

The have been set up using Google Apps for Education

  • Go to iGoogle in a new tab
  • Login
  • Type in the letters from the Captcha code
  • read and accept the terms of service
  • Set your new password (It should be the same as your Ultranet password)
  • Set your iGoogle theme
  • Add your country and city
  • Delete the You tube and CNN gadgets
  • Add the Google Docs gadget
  • Add some fun gadgets
  • Move Gmail and Google Docs gadgets to the top of the page
  • Remember to LOGOUT when you have finished working.


iMovie on the iPads

Making our own Movies

Click here to watch an introduction to iMovie.

Today we will be learning to use iMovie on the iPads.

  • Watch this introduction to iMovie
  • Make a video of you and your partner telling three jokes
  • Use iMovie to convert your footage into a movie.
  • Remember to include titles and credits, video effects, transitions, background music and themes.
  • Use the Apple TV to share your final product.

Blogging Rules

Ronnie Burt  wrote a blog post called Student Blogging Activity 2 (Beginner): Setting Up Rules & Guidelines

It includes a list of classes who have set up rules to help keep their blogging activities safe and successful.

Please look through the list with your partner.

What rules do you think are a good idea?

Are there any rules you think we don’t need?

Can you come up with a list of the five most important rules for our class?

“Here are examples of different ways [rules] are used on class blogs to help you with the task:


 Also check out:

Questions about Blogging


What do you remember about blogging from last year?

What would you like to revise?

What would you like to see on our class blog?

Have a look at the list of blogs created by other students and teachers.

Is there anything else you think we should add to our blogs?

Student, Teacher and Class Blogs

Class Blogs

  • Mrs. Yollis’ 3rd Grade Class Blog  http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com
  • St. Wolstan’s Transition Year Blog  http://stwolstansty.blogspot.com/
  • Mr. Buxton’s 5th Grade Class SAS  http://mrbuxton.blogspot.com/
  • Mr. Salsich’s Class  http://jmsalsich.edublogs.org/
  • 2KM And 2KJ @ Leopold Primary School  http://2kmand2kj.global2.vic.edu.au/


Student Blogs

  • Jaden’s Blog  http://jadensawesomeblog.blogspot.com/
  • Miriam’s Blog  http://victoria-miriamsmoments.blogspot.com/
  • Jake’s Blog  http://mjgds.org/students/jakeg/
  • Jarrod’s Blog  http://jarrodsblog.global2.vic.edu.au/
  • Gemma’s Blog  http://gemmaccs11.edublogs.org


Teacher Blogs

  • Brunswick Acres Art Blog  http://baart.weebly.com/
  • allatc  http://allatc.wordpress.com/
  • Teacher Tom  http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.com/
  • Ms Mac’s Website  http://kmcfadzen.wordpress.com/
  • In search of Scientific Creativity  http://problemfinding.labanca.net/