AR Dino Park

The Year Fours have been using the iPad App AR DinoPark to photograph a Triceratops visiting our school.

These photos would make great story-starters.
Thankyou @elearnjones for introducing us to this app in your session at the Melbourne TeachMeet


Creative Commons

We need to make sure that we have permission to use all of the images we are putting on our blogs.

If an image has been classified as Creative Commons this means the owner has given you permission to use it under certain conditions.

Click here to learn more about creative commons licenses.
This video also explains about creative commons.

If there is no creative commons permission that means the image is copyright and you CAN NOT use it on your blog.

This year we will be using Wikimedia Commons to sesrch for images.


We can also use the Advanced Search Features in Google to find images with Creative Commons Permission.


Budget storage for iPads

When we first purchased our class set of iPads we needed a secure storage and charging solution. Unfortunately the purpose built trolleys were too expensive.

At $4.50 each these drying racks were a great alternative while we saved up the money.