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Posted by Samone Robertson

We looked at two new Maths Apps today, both of which are targeted at improving mental computation skills.

The first app we looked at was Math Bingo.   (99c) We chose to play the addition bingo card at the easiest level. This suited the level of our grade ones.  However the beauty of this app is that there are three difficlty levels to choose from (easy, medium and hard) to ensure that kids at all stages are catered for.  You can also choose from the four different operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) depending on the learning needs of your target group or individual child.  The students found this app very easy to use and especially loved that achieving a high score came with a reward – a ‘bingo bug’ that crawls around the screen and can be played with by dragging or tilting the iPad.  We had a competition going to see who could collect the most ‘bingo bug’s.

The second app we tried was Super 7. (99c)

This app was a little trickier for our grade ones however by the end of the session they were getting the hang of it and were totally engaged.  The concept of the game is simple.  You have to draw lines between floating single digit numbers until they add up to seven.  It sounds easy however gradually the numbers become more difficult to work with as multipliers, dividers and negatives are thrown into the mix. If you allow numbers that add up to more than 7 bump into each other it’s game over.  As the screen fills with more and more numbers, you need to do some frantic, speedy adding.  It’s a great way to make maths fun and develop mental computation skills.


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