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Posted by Samone Robertson

We introduced the kids to 123 Sheep! today.  ($1.99) This app offers three different games that allow students to use their own mathematical problem solving to help a farmer with his sheep.  The helicopter round up has a helicopter that the student maneuvers around the farm to find groups of sheep using addition and even/odd.  The round up game has the student moving sheep into pens eg. moving 24 sheep into 3 pens.  In this case the student can use addition, division, multiplication, or any other problem solving skill that allows them to figure it out.  The last game, Jump, involves counting sheep by different number patterns.  It is a great app because it doesn’t direct students to use one particular technique to solve the problems.  The kids played the games in pairs today which worked really well. There was lots of peer teaching going on.  It would also be a great tool to use 1:1 with a student to create conversation about why they are solving a problem in a particular way or to challenge them to fand a different way to solve the problem.  It costs $2.99 and is a great app that offers many learning opportunities.

The second app we looked at today was Math Express.  (Free) This is a fun and simple maths app designed to practice addition of 2 numbers from 1-10.  The kids loved this one because it is quite interactive and they get a certificate at the end.  Each new game is a new start which means the kids can play it over and over again.  This was a winner with the kids today and with no price tag attatched it is worth installing.

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