Cybersafety and Advertising Posters

From our Year Six Information Literacy Blog

Today we will be using the Phoster App ($1.99) to make posters.

Some classes will be making posters that advertise a food.

Other classes will be making posters that help raise awareness of Cybersafety issues.

We will be taking our own photos to avoid any issues with copywrite.

We will not be using any images from the Internet.

Make sure you plan your poster carefully to ensure that it is delivering the message you want.

Make several drafts.

Discuss with your partner which draft you would like to publish to our media app.

Use the Photogene App ($2.99) to upload your final image to our class Picassa account.

This will allow your image to appear in our media app.

You can download our media app onto your iPad or iPod by following the link.

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