Phoster App Review

From our Year Six Information Literacy Blog

Posted by Donna Brough

After making our cyber bullying posters and our advertising posters we decided to review this app…

Good Things…

-it’s a quick app to make a poster in

-there are lots of templates to choose from

– you can add photos, saved images from the internet and saved pictures from drawing apps such as doodle buddy or drawing pad

-images can be made bigger or smaller

-images can be rotated

-there are special filtering effects

-you can change text sizing, font and colour and you move the text around the page

-backgrounds can change colour

-posters can be printed in different sizes

-able to share posters through email

Bad Things…

-you can’t make the text boxes any bigger

-you can’t add more than one image to the poster

-the app only allows for portrait posters

Things we think could Improve the app…

-being able to add more than one image

-making all components moveable

-able to make landscape posters as well


Overall we loved using ths app. It’s quick, easy and we had made and printed our posters by the end of our lesson:)

We rate this app…

four out of five stars




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