Padlets are collaborative online pinboards. They are very easy to create and modify. Once created, comments and images and links to graphs, videos and pdfs can be added by you or your students.

Students do not need to login or register to work together adding to a padlet.

There are a range of privacy settings you can apply.

You can embed your Padlet in your blog or create QR code login sheets to put up around your room.

Animal Padlet QR Code

Mark Gleeson has written an excellent post discussing different ways of “Using Padlet Across the Curriculum.


  1. Double click on the padlet above to add your thoughts on animals in captivity.
  2. Add a comment to this blog post listing three ways you could use padlets in your classroom
  3. Create a padlet and embed it on your class blog. Encourage your students to use their iPads to add comments and images.

Resources and References


Persuasive Writing QR Sheet pic

Edublogs Teacher Challenge – Cool Tools for Your Blog

Using Padlet Across the Curriculum


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