Lauren’s Ordeal

Lauren's Ordeal Screenshot

Please watch this video

We will be discussing the following questions as a class. We might record our answers in an Ultranet space.

  • Cyberbullying – is this a problem in our school?
  • What are the differences between bullying and cyberbullying?
  • The internet is a public place – what should you keep private online? (e.g. full name, address, age, mobile number and email address and anything which might locate a student such as school or sporting club).
  • What are some of the things that Lauren could have done to help prevent cyberbullying?
  • How responsible is Susan for Lauren’s ordeal?
  • Why do you think other people became involved in cyberbullying Lauren – even though she didn’t know them?
  • Are people breaking the law when they threaten Lauren?

These questions were take from the CyberSmart Website. (Lauren’s Ordeal Teacher Notes)

Challenge One B – All About Me!

You can read all about this challenge at

This week we will be:

  1. Writing our about page.
  2. Making our avatar.

Writing our about page:

Remember not to give out any personal details including address, phone number, last name and school.

Information you might like to include:

  • Where you live – needs to say Melbourne, Australia
  • Your favourite things – movies, books, music, food etc
  • Sports, hobbies and interests
  • Personality such as bubbly, warm helpful person
  • Year level
  • And your bucket list – the five special things you would most like to do

One thing on Ms McLeod’s list would be to do an African Safari and one thing on Mrs Brough’s list would be to release turtle hatchlings into the ocean.

Making your Avatar:

What is an avatar you ask? Well its an image that represents you! 

There are detailed instructions on how to create your avatar on these websites.