Will Richardson

This video explains very clearly why we need to be teaching Information Literacy.

Our students are already deciding what it is they want to learn and using the Internet to find the resources and develop the networks to follow their passions.

As teachers we need to accept that our students have 24/7 access to the Internet via their phones and iPod Touches. It is time to reassess our role as teachers and ensure that we are helping our students develop the skills they need to be effective life long learners.


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I’ve been hearing  a lot of discussion about TPACK lately and finally decided I needed to find out more about it. I spent a couple of hours searching and reading. You can find my conclusions below.  Little did I know, John Pearce, had already published a link to an absolutely awesome – and far more entertaining and informative video.

Video link for iPads:  TPACK Radio/Video Show ISTE 2010

TPCK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge


“Teaching is a highly complex activity that draws on many kinds of knowledge.”

The TPACK framework illustrates the interaction between three knowledge bases;

  • Content Knowledge (CK)
  • Pedagogical Knowledge (PK)
  • Technological Knowledge (TK)

New types of interrelated knowledge lie at the intersections between the three knowledge bases.

“Developing good content involves a thoughtful interweaving of all three key sources of knowledge: technology, pedagogy and content.”

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