More Spelling Apps

From our Year One Info Lit Blog,

Posted by Samone Robertson

Skywrite (Free)

Skywrite! What better way to practise your spelling words than to write them in the sky! You simply type or write your spelling word on the screen and immediately your plane will fly across the screen, writing your word as it goes.  You can even choose different backgrounds and different colours – it’s awesome!

TypeDrawing ($2.99)

Type Drawing is an easy and fun to use App that would work really well for a spelling activity or for introducing theme words.  It was really popular with the grade ones,  they loved watching their words come to life.

Book Creator Tutorial

Book Creator for iPad is available from the iTunes Store for $5.49.

Our students having been using it to create their own ePubs. They can add images, text and voice recordings to their books before opening them in iBooks.

We haven’t tried but in theory you can also submit your books to the iBookstore.

The app is very intuitive and our students are finding it fun and easy to use.




Drawing Pad Tutorial

The Drawing Pad App is available from the iTunes store for $1.99.

It is a fantastic app. It includes a large range of drawing tools and colours. You can add backgrounds, stamps and stickers. You can import images from your camera roll and photo albums.

There are lots of options for exporting your finished work including:

  • Saving to your Camera Roll
  • Emailing
  • Printing
  • Posting to Facebook and Twitter

The only downside is that you can not add text.


iPads in Prep – Headsets

We have been experimenting with three different options for using headsets with our iPads.

  1. Belkin Rockstar Headphone Spitter (5 in 1)
  2. Headphone splitter (2 in 1)
  3. Standard Headsets.

Surprisingly everything worked well except the for the standard headsets.

Preps with Belkin StarBelkin Rock Star

The Belkin Rockstar lets up to five children plug in their headsets and listen to an animated story at once. You can buy one for $19.64 at Officeworks.

Preps with audio splitterHeadphone Splitter

WIth a double headphone splitter, two students can listen to and use the iPad at once.

Prep with headset

The standard headsets were an absolute disaster. Whilst the students were sitting everything was fine but as soon as they started walking around they risked tripping on the very long cables and dropping the iPads.