Teacher Challenge – Kickstart your Blogging

I have decided to start the Edublogs Teacher Challenge. In fact I have already experimented quite a bit with blogging, both for myself and with my students. I even have a blog I created with a friend as part of my studies at Uni. There are links to my different blogs in the sidebar.  The challenge for me, is not so much in starting blogs, but more in regularly posting to them. Hopefully this is where the Blogging Challenge will help me out!

Blogging from my iPhone

I have installed the wordpress app on my iPhone so that I can blog from wherever I am.  Hopefully this will make it easier for me to create posts. The app doesn’t work particularly well but the support website is promising major improvements very soon.

Blogging with my students (all 280?)

The second major challenge for me is that I am a specialist Information Literacy teacher.  I teach 12 classes across three year levels. I see each class for 100 minutes a week. I feel managing 280 individual blogs would be too much – particulalry if I wanted to read and approve all the comments. Even if I select only one year level to blog with that would still be 100 students.  Is anyone else in this position? What approach have you taken?

Joining the Challenge

You can join the Teacher Blogging challenge at http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/