Natural Disaster News Reports


This week we will begin making our  Natural Disaster News Reports.

Watch the BTN report about flooding in Queensland.

We will be using iMovie to make our final video including the sections where the reporters are introducing the news item.
We will be using Lego Superheroes Movie Maker and our lego people to record the footage of the disaster itself.
Think about how you will create the special effects showing the disaster.

Points to remember

  • Always keep your camera in the same position by using a stand.
  • Use the onion skinning feature to ensure that your Lego people don’t move too much between each shot.
  • Turn off rotation lock on the iPad.
  • Have the iPad camera in the correct position.

Natural Disaster Posters


Today we will be using the Phoster App ($1.99) to make Natural Disater posters.

  • Choose a Natural Disaster.
  • Look up the definition of your natural disaster in the Macquarie Lite Australian Dictionary App ($1.99)
  • Use Drawing Pad ($1.99) to draw a picture of your Natural Disaster
  • Use Phoster App ($1.99) to turn your drawing into a poster. Include the type of disaster and the definition on your poster.
  • Email your finished poster to Dropbox (free) so that it is saved on our school server and we can use it for next weeks activity.