Passport to Adventure 5

Passport to Adventure 5

thesaurus cover

400 – 499


How do we communicate?

Explain how a Thesaurus works and discuss when students might use it.

Student Activities

  • Write your own name in hieroglyphics using the app on the iPad
  • Learn to use the thesaurus tool (*right mouse click, *synonyms) in Word.

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Passport to Adventure 4

Passport to Adventure 4

300 – 399

Social Sciences – laws, government, folklore, fables, money, military

Who are our neighbours?

Kidnapped Cover

Today’s Activities

  1. Read up until page 14 of Chapter 1 – Charles Lindbergh Jr  in the book, “Kidnapped” by Loretta Schorr.
  2. Use the internet to find wanted posters and news articles about the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Junior.
  3. Identify the kidnapper.
  4. Create a document that includes images of the baby, the house, the wanted poster, the ransom note, newspaper articles and the identity of the kidnapper. Remember to include captions and URLs.
  5. Finish reading Chapter 1 – Charles Lindbergh Jr  in the book, “Kidnapped” by Loretta Schorr.

Passport to Adventure 1

Ultimate Book of Foul and Funny Facts

Passport to Adventure

000 – 099

General Works – Where can we find out about Ourselves?

Reference Books, Dictionaries, Magazines

Today’s Activities

  1. Look through the books in the General Information Section.
  2. Compare the newer  Guiness Book of Records to the older versions
  3. Type and Illustrate a foul or funny fact from “Ultimate Book of Foul and Funny Facts”
  4. (At Home Activity:  Attempt our own record Minty Wrapper – add comment to Blog at home)