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I’ve been hearing  a lot of discussion about TPACK lately and finally decided I needed to find out more about it. I spent a couple of hours searching and reading. You can find my conclusions below.  Little did I know, John Pearce, had already published a link to an absolutely awesome – and far more entertaining and informative video.

Video link for iPads:  TPACK Radio/Video Show ISTE 2010

TPCK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge


“Teaching is a highly complex activity that draws on many kinds of knowledge.”

The TPACK framework illustrates the interaction between three knowledge bases;

  • Content Knowledge (CK)
  • Pedagogical Knowledge (PK)
  • Technological Knowledge (TK)

New types of interrelated knowledge lie at the intersections between the three knowledge bases.

“Developing good content involves a thoughtful interweaving of all three key sources of knowledge: technology, pedagogy and content.”

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